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Yes, there WILL be fart apps on Windows Phone 7

Microsoft is making a big splash today with Windows Phone 7. It’s shown off the first handsets. It’s revealed the big operator partners. It’s reassured gamers that EA games will be coming to its Xbox Live-powered games service.

However, what about the really big questions? Like will there be fart apps?

Recombu can reveal that yes, there will indeed be fart apps. Microsoft isn’t taking a lily-livered prude’s view when it comes to novelty applications on its store.

Alas, CEO Steve Ballmer didn’t announce it himself. However, while we were playing with the demo handsets following the keynote presentation, we had a look in Microsoft’s app Marketplace to see what we could find.

Exhibit A: Farting Dino. Developed by Jurassic Studio, it’s “a whoopee cushion featuring a dinosaur and several random fart sounds”, costing a mere 79p. Apple famously told developers recently that “we don’t need any more fart apps”, but it’s good to see Microsoft isn’t dashing in with a similar ban before, well, before it has any fart apps at all.

On a serious note, really big apps were conspicuous by their absence from the WP7 Marketplace on the handset that we tried, and apps weren’t talked about much – Tesco aside – by the UK speakers at Microsoft’s launch event in London. Which makes us wonder if the company is keeping its powder dry on big app partners for another couple of weeks.

Still, as long as Farting Dino is there for launch day, we daresay early buyers will have a ripping good time nonetheless. With the emphasis on ripping.


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