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Yo, iPhone music fans! Rush the Appbum!

There’s no shortage of music available to iPhone and iPod touch owners: full tracks and albums sold through Apple’s iTunes Store, and streaming music or artist apps available on the App Store. Now, however, developer FlySoft claims to have invented a new iOS music format.

The Appbum.

Yeah, you read that right. Appbum. A conflation of Application and Album. We’re not sure they’ve thought this through.

Anyway, the idea is that an appbum lets you listen to music, but also access interactive elements around it. One released today for the band Gorchitza include a slideshow, videos, lyrics displayed in time to the music, a band biography and discography, and the ability to comment and read other fans’ comments.

It sounds like a good idea, albeit a good idea that Apple has already had with its iTunes LPs – although these DON’T work on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad yet – they have to be accessed in iTunes on the desktop. Until Apple changes that, the appbum is a contender to fill the gap. Albeit a contender with a chucklesome name.


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