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Yoo! Sports is like Wii Sports for iPhone (with Game Center)

So, a multi-event sports game where you create a 3D cartoon avatar, then compete in boxing, bowling, tennis and other events. Hmm, sounds familiar…

Yes, it’s fair to say that Yoo! Sports owes Nintendo’s Wii¬†Sports a hefty debt. It’s essentially the same idea, ported to iPhone, and tied into Apple’s Game Center community.

Five sports are in the initial release, with archery and basketball joining the three events mentioned above. Developer Triniti Interactive promises that more sports will be added in a succession of free updates in the coming months. Each event has its own Game Center leaderboard and achievements, too.

Trinity certainly isn’t shy about its inspiration, mentioning avatars on Wii and Xbox 360 high-up in its App Store blurb. “Before, this meant spending hundreds of dollars buying an expensive television and console setup, and even then, you were restricted to playing at home, while sitting in your living room. Not anymore…”

It certainly looks good graphics-wise, with a promised one trillion unique avatar combinations for your character. Will it be as fun to play as Nintendo’s Wii Sports games though?


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