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You’ll be sweet on the treat of an iPad browser made for two

It’s early days, but several apps are already exploring iPad’s potential as a shared device, with two or more people using it at once. Flight Control HD’s co-operative mode is the perfect example.

Now even web browsers are getting in on the act. Browser4two has just appeared on the App Store, and for 59p lets two people sit opposite each other using separate browser windows, complete with a shared pop-up keyboard.

How useful is this really though? The suspicion remains that you’d save time by using the full-screen Safari browser, then passing it to the other person for their turn. Browser4two is a novel idea that has all the makings of a short-lived novelty.

It’s not the only app trying this though. SplitBrowser and SimulBrowse (both £1.19) offer similar features.


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