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Your kids will love the Ben 10 Alien Force DNA Scanner app

TV show Ben 10 has a fervent fanbase among youngsters, and if this includes your children, prepare for some serious pestering thanks to the release of iPhone app Ben 10 Alien Force DNA Scanner.

It’s a photo manipulation app that’s used to turn anyone into an alien. Well, a half-alien… “Download this app, line up their features and take a snap with the camera,” explains the blurb.

“Their face will be scanned, checked for Alien DNA and their true form will be revealed as they are transformed into a human/alien hybrid! Maybe they are really part Spidermonkey, part Ripjaws? Maybe they have Humungosaur’s mouth? A Goop face?”

This will presumably all make sense to fans. The app lets users save the resulting pics, and email them to friends. It requires a camera though, so kids with older iPod touches won’t be able to use it. Even so, it’s the perfect complement to the equally fun Ben 10 MouthOff app that’s already available.


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