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Your next IKEA purchase will wirelessly charge your phone

IKEA’s first lot of wireless charging furniture goes on sale this month, bringing fully-powered phones to fanciers of flat-pack furniture.

We first clapped eyes on IKEA’s wireless charging furniture back at Mobile World Congress, and now the monster furniture retailer is ready to sell a selection of home goods that can power up your phone or tablet.

From the end of the month, you’ll be able to snap up a selection of furniture from the Swedish firm’s range, including lamps, bedside tables and desks, which will come kitted-out with Qi wireless charge points. So as long as your mobile device is compatible, you’ll just need to slap it down in the right area to soak up some juice.

IKEA will also begin selling its Jyssen wireless charger, which fits into the cable management hole on the company’s Micke and Stuva desks.

If you don’t need to buy new furniture you’ll also be able to buy the right drill-bit to bore a perfect Jyssen-sized hole into whatever you like, allowing you to slip the wireless charging pad virtually anywhere.

The Jyssen charger will cost $29.99 (£20) and the accompanying drill bit will only run you a further $5 (£3), which seems like a thoroughly good price for something which will let you add wireless charging to any furniture you own in two minutes flat (or a full weekend, factoring in a couple of trips to casualty, if your DIY skills match our own).

IKEA will also cater for those of us who don’t want to start drilling holes in our furniture with the Nordmärke charging pad, which will come with a single berth for $28 (£19) or a triple for $65 (£43).

Those smart Swedes have also developed compatible cases for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices, which will ensure they’re ready to use the new wireless charging solutions. So you’ll have no excuse for that mess of cables behind your workspace come the end of the month.


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