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You’re probably too soft for Dodonpachi Resurrection on iPhone

Do you like shoot ’em ups? I mean really like them? Well, that doesn’t mean you’ll be hard enough for Dodonpachi Resurrection. The game isn’t meant to be liked: it’s meant to be endured through gritted teeth. I say that as a compliment.

Dodonpachi Resurrection is the iPhone update of a famous old shooter called Dodonpachi. It includes a straight port of the original game, and an all-new iPhone mode. It belongs to the ‘bullet hell’ sub-genre, which means the screen is usually full of bullets, while you weave around alternately shouting and crying for your mother.

So, the iPhone mode includes something called the ‘Supreme Weapon of Annihilation’, and has a scoring system called SM – S for Slaughter and M for Menace, obviously. The game uses the OpenFeint community to set your high scores against those of other players around the world, while unlocking achievements.

Meanwhile, the game’s controls have been thoroughly updated for the iPhone’s touchscreen. It’s quite possibly the most hardcore game yet released on the App Store, but one that fans of bullet hell games will be rushing to download – not least because it’s going for £2.99 as an intro offer, before the price rises to £5.49.


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