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YouTube app for Android 2.2 phones gets an update via Android Market

Google has quietly updated its YouTube app for Android 2.2 devices, bringing a fresh new design and a range of new features to the app. You now have the option of viewing videos in portrait or landscape mode. You can switch between the two by quickly double tapping on the video itself and a quick single tap acts as pause/play.

The advantage of watching videos in portrait mode is that you can access a range of menus and settings underneath the video, whereas watching in landscape effectively full screens clips; it’s pretty much the mobile equivalent of switching between normal and fullscreen mode on desktop YouTube.

Speaking of which, you can now do things like up and down thumb rank videos, add clips to your favourites and copy the URLs to the clipboard, like you would on your computer. You can also now search for related videos and add comments by swiping left and right between the tabs underneath the video when in portrait mode.

As before you can easily upload your own videos directly to YouTube from within the app. A quick tap of the camera icon in the top right activates the video recorder in your phone. When you’re done recording you can then enter a title for your clip, add a description and tags and choose whether you want the video set for public or private viewing. You can also geotag the video if you wish by checking the ‘send location’ box.

A tap of the menu key on your Android device allows you to upload videos directly from your gallery and add titles and tags in the same way.

Much like the last update to the Facebook app for Android phones, this update makes the YouTube for Android app feel more like the real thing.


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