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YouTube for Android 2.2 phones updates to 2.1, post comments while videos are playing

The YouTube Android app has just been updated to version 2.1, bringing more of the functions of the desktop version that we know and love to mobiles.

Basic things like being able to post comments while watching videos has been added and you can now read descriptions and browse for related clips, without interruption the video you’re currently playing.

The interface has also been given a slight overhaul. The app switches to landscape/fullscreen mode faster than before and the HQ icon appears to have changed slightly. Otherwise it’s really not much different than the last update in terms of looks; it features that sexy black design we first saw a couple of months ago.

Version 2.1 of YouTube for Android is only available if your phone is running Froyo; good news for HTC Legend owners who should be updating today, bad news for Sony Ericssion X10 owners. According to Google, it’s this version of the app that’ll come installed on Android 2.3 devices like the Google Nexus S.

The updated version of YouTube is available to download from the Android Market now.


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