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Zeemote V3: Wireless Sony Ericsson gaming

Ever since the first PSP was announced, there have been rumours about Sony Ericsson working on a PSP phone — and still nothing. Those living in hope of getting their hands on a PSP phone might then take delight in the new V3 Bluetooth Controller from Zeemote. The Zeemote V3 is a wireless peripheral that syncs with a mobile device over Bluetooth and effectively acts as a controller for mobile games.

Despite the V3 looking more like a Nunchuk from a Nintendo Wii than a PlayStation peripheral, Zeemote has worked hard to ensure that the V3 syncs with virtually every Sony Ericsson phone out there, including the new Sony Ericsson power trio: the Aino, the Satio and the Yari. The V3 works with other phones as well as but a special emphasis has been placed on compatability with Sony Ericsson handsets. You can use the Zeemote V3 with the Aino’s Playstation 3 Remote Play feature.

As well as acting as a peripheral for playing games on your phone, the Zeemote V3 acts as a remote control for music and video playing functions and a remote camera control.

The Zeemote V3 will be launched during the festive run up. We’ve been told that it’s safe to assume that the cost of the V3 won’t differ that much from the very similar Zeemote JS1, which currently costs £29.50 on The Zeemote V3 will be available to buy as part of an ‘Ultimate Mobile Game Pack’ which includes a free game which you download to your phone after entering an activation code. The Zeemote V3 will also be available to buy with selected Sony Ericsson, Nokia and BlackBerry handsets.