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Zeppelin Stylus for capacitive touchscreens heads to Kickstarter

Though we’re jubilant that capacitive touchscreens are the norm these days, with resistive screens appearing to have (finally) died a death, we’re still always keeping an eye out for interesting new styluses.

Whether they’re proprietary like HTC’s active Magic Pen stylus for the Flyer and Jetstream tablets or Wacom’s Bamboo Stylus, there’s still a place for precision styluses in today’s world of finger-friendly capacitive displays.

We spotted this Zeppelin Stylus over on Kickstarter and it looks pretty interesting. Resembling a cross between a space-age pen and one of those clay shaping tools we used in art lessons at school, the Zeppelin covers an area on a touchscreen similar to a finger or thumb tip, but has the advantage of allowing you to see what you’re clicking on underneath.

As well as making this easy to see the links you’re clicking on it’s also precise enough to be used as a drawing tool as well. Check out the video below to get a better idea of how it works.

The thin wire coil has a spring-like motion to it and its made from stainless steel, so its tough as well as flexible. The Zeppelin has a neat raygun gothic look and feel to it as well; the stand of the Zeppelin is shaped to resemble fins of a rocket or an airship, from where the stylus obviously takes its name.

The red colour of the fins looks pretty cool, but we’d like to see other colours as well; perhaps made to match the colours of the available Smart Covers? The Zeppelin also contains embedded two magnets for attaching itself to the iPad 2 (and other metal surfaces) as well. Pretty neat.

Inventor Jae Son of GoSmart is looking for further funding to take the Zeppelin to the next level; with 26 backers he’s a little short of the $28,000 (£17,815) goal. If this target is met, then we’d expect to be able to see the Zeppelin Stylus on shelves for $59 (£37.50) in November.

Source: Kickstarter

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