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Zoo Rescue game has animals and helicopters – together at last!

Tapulous is best known as the publisher of iPhone music game series Tap Tap Revenge, which has spawned spin-offs for the likes of Coldplay, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Metallica and Justin Bieber, among others.

However, its latest game eschews music and focuses on… animals? Zoo Rescue sees you flying a helicopter, trying to winch up animals stuck at the bottom of a cliff. Yes, indeed, it’s something of a departure.

The controls are uber-simple, as you tilt to steer your copter left and right, while tapping the screen for ‘gas’ to rise (it drops automatically).

The animals swing around cutely while being winched, and the three-star scoring system feels very Angry Birds, in terms of spurring replayability. There’s also some depth, as you have to collect coins and manage your gas (so to speak) while playing.

20 levels are included, with support for Apple’s Game Center community. Tapulous says it will add more content in forthcoming updates to the game. It’s an intriguing side-project for the developer, but one we’re looking forward to following over the coming months.


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