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Zooka: Janet Jackson-endorsed Bluetooth speaker for your new iPad

We’re not making this up; Janet Jackson apparently loves Zooka, a Kickstarter-funded Bluetooth speaker accessory for your new iPad.

Coming in a range of lively colours a la Apple’s SmartCovers, the Zooka is a flexible speaker made from medical grade silicone that slides on to the side of your iPad.

Connecting to your iPad via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm connection, it provides a fuller stereo listening experience that your iPad’s single speaker doesn’t.

Thanks to the shape of the Zooka is also doubles as an ad hoc kickstand. With your iPad propped up at an angle Zooka ought to make for more natural typing and web browsing while you’ve got your playlists pumping out of the speakers.

In theory you ought to be able to use the Zooka with any device that can stream audio over Bluetooth or has a 3.5mm connection. There’s no reason why you couldn’t slip say a Motorola XOOM 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or any device into the Zooka.

The Zooka also fits on top of your laptop as well, with a cut away shape designed not to get in the way of any cameras.

With 8 hours of battery charge, a standalone Zooka will be going for $99 (£63) with Kickstarter fundees getting a $10 discount on this price. There’s also a limited edition glow in the dark Zooka available as well. This limited run of 500 looks to be only available if you’re a Kickstarter member who’se contributed to Zooka. Fancy one? Get your wallet out before Janet Jackson buys them all.


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