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ZTE and Orange working on the San Francisco II

The Orange San Francisco, also known as the ZTE Blade, took the UK by storm last year with its cheap but cheerful Android offering. A 3.5” AMOLED device for just £99 was hard to pass up, especially given how easy it was to root, SIM unlock, and load custom ROMs onto.

Looks like ZTE are hoping to strike gold a second time then, with a photo cropping up online of what appears to be the ZTE Crescent, which will become the Orange San Francisco II. It’s not the greatest picture in the world, but the form factor looks similar to the original Blade/San Francisco.

It’s a smart move to be sure. You don’t exactly pass up the opportunity to capitalize on two million sales if you can strike a good balance between quality and affordability, something the San Francisco did well.

Details beyond that are sparse, but we imagine the we’ll see the phone make an appearance relatively soon. The original San Francisco release was in September of last year, and while we have seen the 4.3” Monte Carlo since then, we’re overdue for a direct successor.

Source: UnwiredView via Phandroid


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