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ZTE announces the PF200 and N910: High-end Ice Cream Sandwich phones headed to MWC

We heard a little rumour last week about ZTE, makers of the Orange San Francisco II, partnering with Nvidia and working on dual and quad-core phones. This announcement might not be the fruits of such a union but the ZTE PF200 and ZTE N910 are the highest-end offering we’ve seem from the Shenzen-based company so far.

The ZTE PF200 comes with a 4.3-inch screen, an 8-megapixel camera and a 1080p front-facing camera for video calling. The screen has a resolution of 960×540 (qHD), matching the likes of last year’s Motorola Atrix and HTC Sensation in the display stakes.

There’s a 1.5GHz chip on board but no mention of the number of cores. There’’ll be at least two if 1080p support is on board – fingers crossed for four.

There’s no HDMI out but there is mention of MHL technology in the press release – so with the correct cables you ought to be able to hook up your ZTE PF200 to a big screen and play back videos, games or whatever you want. For those who like to keep things wireless, the ZTE PF200 is also DLNA-compliant.

Alongside the usual Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS, there’ll be an NFC chip present in the ZTE PF200. So it’ll be good to go with both Android Beam and whatever mobile payment platforms are live and kicking over the next few months.

Orange San Francisco III? Or Monte Carlo II…

The ZTE N910 is the lesser-specced of the two phones, coming with a 800×480 (WVGA) resolution screen (no mention of size) a 5-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and DLNA.

Again, there’s a front-facing camera that records 1080p video which would suggest the presence of (at least) a dual core chip. The press release again mentions naught but the CPU speed – 1.2GHz.

Both the ZTE PF200 and the ZTE N910 are LTE compatible though ZTE mentions that there’ll be a GSM version of the PF200 too. No mention of a GSM counterpart for the N910 for the time being.

“These LTE devices are the fore-runners of a wide range of LTE devices ZTE will bring to the market in the coming months, and as more and more LTE networks come on stream,” said Mr. He Shiyou, Executive Vice President and Head of the Terminal Division of ZTE. “They will be feature products – among a very wide range of devices on display at the ZTE stand at Mobile World Congress 2012.”

We’ll be dropping by the ZTE stand to check out the PF200 and the N910 and see what else makes up this ‘very wide range’.

Absolutely no word on prices or UK availability so far but as we said, looks like we’ll just be getting the higher-end PF200 – rather this than the other way round.

Given ZTE’s close history with Orange we’re half expecting the PF200 to emerge down the line as the Orange San Francisco III or the Orange Monte Carlo II. Stay tuned for updates…


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