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ZumoDrive for Android: 2GB free cloud storage

Ninjas clearly have a thing for Android phones. Three shinobi nearly shredded a Nexus One to pieces a few months ago and now they’ve infiltrated the Android Market. Yesterday ZumoDrive – which has a little blue ninja as its mascot – released its Android app, so we spent the day checking it out.

ZumoDrive allows you to upload music, videos, pictures, docs and entire folders from your desktop to the cloud (aka Internet) and then access them later from your phone.

You can do this by either launching ZumoDrive in your browser or direct from the desktop by right-clicking on a folder and selecting the ‘Link folder to ZumoDrive’ option.

It’s fast, easy to use and it means you can get stuff to your phone without needing any wires.

ZumoDrive automatically gives you 1GB of storage to begin with, but you can earn yourself another GB for free if you sit through the tutorial, or ‘dojo’, as ZumoDrive calls it. As tutorials go, it’s actually a lot of fun. Instead of boring numbered stages, you have to earn various coloured belts (white through to black, naturally) as you ‘learn the art of Zumo’. The dojo takes you through the basics, showing you how to upload stuff to the cloud and how to access files from your phone.

Once you’ve completed your ‘training’ you get 2GB to play with. If you find that 2GB isn’t enough you can buy more cloud space. Prices start at $2.99 (£1.95) a month for an additional 10GB.

While it works on Windows PCs, ZumoDrive doesn’t yet allow you play WMA music files – only MP3s. Video-wise, ZumoDrive currently supports MP4 and H.264 video file formats.

We found that ZumoDrive also crashed quite a bit when we were streaming music – this might be due to us attempting to stream songs by the pirate metal band Alestorm (everyone knows pirates and ninjas are mortal enemies), although it’s more likely down to the fact we were running ZumoDrive on an HTC Magic with Android 1.5. We reckon on higher end phones this won’t be a problem.

Streaming music over 3G or EDGE is also going to eat up data, so keep an eye out if you’re on a limited plan.

ZumoDrive is available to download now for free from Android Market. There are also versions available for the iPhone and Palm phones running WebOS.

Source: AndroidGuys