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ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection brings retro thrills to iPhone

The 8-bit wars are alive on your iPhone! Developer Elite Systems has released its ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection emulator for iOS, to go head-to-head with the existing emulator for Commodore 64.

The Speccy app costs 59p and comes with six games: Chuckie Egg, Turbo Esprit, Saboteur, Harrier Attack, Frank Bruno’s Boxing, and Buggy Boy. Six more games will be added in a free update within the next month, before a third update introduces an in-app shop.

“Commercial agreements have already been reached with two more publishers (including one of the 80s biggest) taking to more than 200 the number of games available for inclusion in the forthcoming updates or volumes of ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection,” promises the developer.

The emulator lets you play games in portrait or landscape display modes, offers full instructions for each game, and includes ‘authentic’ Spectrum sounds.

I’m wondering whether anyone has told Sir Alan Sugar about all this. It’s surely time for the third player in the 8-bit home computing wars – Amstrad CPC – to make a splash on iPhone too…


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