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Mobile Phone News

At Recombu Mobile we deliver the latest mobile phone news, covering everything smartphone related including the hottest handsets, tablets and apps. Whether it’s leaked photographs of the latest smartphone from Samsung, benchmarks revealing the new HTC, the latest Android software update or rumours about the new iPhone, we’ll cover it.

Our team of phone enthusiasts spend hours searching the web and probing our contacts to discover the latest stories. We also trawl the halls at the major technology shows including CES and Mobile World Congress to bring you breaking news and opinion.

But we know your love affair with phones doesn’t end when you choose a handset, so we also bring you news on the hottest accessories - from stylish cases to pounding headphones and of course essential apps.

We’ll also keep you up to date with news from the UK’s network operators, including new tariffs, hot offers and exclusive deals.

If you’re a Facebook user come and visit our page, where you’ll find exclusive content, polls and a selection of videos. We’re also on Google Plus if you want to say hello.

If you like a story, let us know by hitting the Facebook, Tweet and G+ buttons above each story, or if you’ve got something to say feel free to add your comments under each news story, just remember to keep it clean!

At Recombu Mobile we are always on the hunt for a good story, so if you find anything interesting mobile related you think we should cover let us know via Facebook, Twitter or email

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