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5 best April Fools’ tech stories of 2015

It’s April Fools’ Day and you know what that means – pranks, practical jokes and lots of hilarious stories designed to trick gullible Internetters.

Some of them are hilarious, others are just lies, but here, for your viewing pleasure, we present what we think are the five best April Fools’ stories from around the Web. Enjoy.

Smart ePants

Firebox carried out a spoof launch of the Smart ePants – underwear for people who’d rather drag their bottoms across contactless card readers than tap them using their hands like every other sensible human being.

The ePants have a waterproof microchip stitched into the front and back of the cotton underwear, allowing you to tap your payment by bumping your bottom or grinding your crotch up against a reader. The company even claims that if you have a friend with ePants, you can jump into their arms, wrap your legs around their waist and make an instant cash transfer. Want.

First Direct Swear Jar App

Got a problem with swearing? Well now you can drop the F bomb to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that you’re actually benefiting financially from your own profanity. Sort of. The First Direct Swear Jar App uses your phone’s microphone to record the sound of your everyday chatter. If it detects you effing and blinding it’ll transfer a pre-determined amount of cash from your current account into your savings account. Genius, but sadly not real.

Do it YourSelfie 360-degree Selfie Rig

Time to step your selfie game up a notch with this bonkers torso-mounted rig littered with 12 camera mounts spanning a circle (GoPros not included). With this, you’ll be able to capture yourself trout-pouting from every angle (except for the bits where you can’t actually see your face, obviously). The rig syncs to your smartphone via a free app that lets you stitch each of your shots together to create a bullet time image you can share on social media. Overkill much?

The shop that destroys your phone in fashionable ways

Naturally, Recombu’s April Fools’ prank is up there with the best, if we do say so ourselves. We cooked up the idea of a shop in London’s trendy Shoreditch district that actually charges customers to smash up their phones in fashionable ways – a bit like distressed or pre-ripped jeans, but with hammers and iPhones. Bonkers viewing.


If you’ve forever walking around in odd pairs of socks then you’ll love this contraption from HTC. The RE Sok, the world’s first ‘smart’ socks, are engineered to find one another if they’re ever split up. What’s more, their automatic hole warning system will audibly warn you of impending breaches to the cotton fabric, so you know when it’s time to buy a replacement pair. Genius, you might say… untile you realise they’re not machine washable.  


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