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A ‘unique’ musical project uses twerking as a method of making music

No this isn’t an early April Fools, the ‘Real Booty Music’ project has developed a method for turning the humble action of twerking into a musical performance.

The cultural phenomenon that is twerking has seen a resurgence in recent years and now through a project spearheaded by AIAIAI, a company who makes some distinctive minimalist DJ-centric headphones, it’s being transformed into a means of making music.

We’re not talking about an ass clap in place on an 808 clap here, but rather, the use of special accelerometers designed to track the movement of each cheek and translate that into music through sounds and tones relayed by a sequencer.

As experts in their respective fields, the project called upon the talents of Lisbon-based music producer and DJ Branko, design company The Omnipresent World Of Wizkids and Copenhagen-based dancer Louise Kjølsen aka Twerk Queen Louise, who as you might have guessed, provided the booty for the ‘Real Booty Music’ project.

Whilst on the surface the project is replacing the keys of a sequencer with sensors stuck to bum cheeks the team claims that, “[it] explores the rich heritage of bass-driven club culture where dancing and booty-shaking are integral elements.”

We can’t readily fault their logic and it’s an interesting, albeit unorthodox new ‘instrument’ to integrate into modern musical culture. The full ‘making of’ can be seen in the video above, but head through to the source to hear the finished track.

What body part would you make using with? Let us know in the comment below. Keep it clean now.


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