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Acer’s new Spin 13 is the world’s most powerful Chromebook

Everyone loves a good Chromebook and Acer has just launched the most power-packed one to date, in the new Spin 13. This convertible laptop sports a 360-degree screen hinge so it can be twisted around, turning the thing into a chunky tablet. Or you can also use it in the amusingly-titled ‘tent mode’, for kicking back with a flick.

The frame is made from 100% aluminium, with a matte finish. It certainly looks quite sleek, if not exactly stand-out. Connectivity is pretty good too for such a compact device. You get two Type C USB ports, plus an old Type A for hooking up your peripherals. And there’s a microSD memory card reader for boosting the

For some reason the touchpad is made from Corning Gorilla Glass, giving a next-level experience every time you finger it. However, the Spin 13’s display also supports touch controls, and there’s a Wacom stylus bundled if you want to get all arty.

That 13.5-inch IPS screen sports a Full HD+ resolution and an unusually square 3:2 aspect ratio, which is best suited to web browsing and productivity shenanigans. Not one for movie lovers, though.

If performance is your bag, then good news. An 8th-generation Intel Kaby Lake processor is stuffed inside the Spin 13 to keep your Chromebook OS apps running more smooth than a buttered-up James Brown. It’s your choice of a Core i3-8130U chipset, or an upgrade to the Core i5-8250U. In either case you can also cram in up to 16GB of RAM, plus 128GB of storage.

Meanwhile Acer reckons you’ll get up to ten hours of battery life, although presumably lots less if you’re streaming Netflix non-stop.

We’ll have more on the Spin 13 convertibles UK pricing and release date soon.


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