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Give your Macbook a sexy, personal redesign with Bambooti

These sleek Bambooti wooden covers for your Macbook laptop give it a fresh new look and feel, while your own personal design can even be imprinted on the surface. Here’s our review of the Bambooti Macbook covers.

If your Macbook’s looking a little tired or scratched up these days, or you simply feel like a change from the same boring metal design you see every day, then check out the Bambooti Macbook covers on Kickstarter.

The Bambooti cover comes in five different wood grains and can be customised by the team to feature your own personal logo or design, including a cut-out segment in the middle that glows thanks to the light-up Apple logo beneath. I had one made with the Recombu logo for my Macbook Air, and the result is fantastic, as you can see below.

Applying the Bambooti cover couldn’t be any easier. The team sends it out in a tough envelope so it doesn’t get damaged in transit and all you need to do it slide the cover out, remove the plastic backing and then press onto your Macbook’s lid, lining up the edges so it doesn’t look wonky. The cover sticks on firmly and so far has proved pretty durable; one corner got a little beat up in my bag, but it’s impressively scratch-resistant and definitely helps to breathe fresh life into a battered old Apple laptop.

The Bambooti Kickstarter project has already almost doubled its target €10,000 with two weeks still to go, but you can still get in there with a bid of €40 or more to snag your own custom-designed skin.


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