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Tech-based Father’s Day gadgets for 2018

Got a dad who is a bit of a nerd at heart? Good for you. Here are several tech-based Father’s Day gadgets that may just fit the bill, ranging from wallet-friendly to ‘I now need to eat Baked Beans indefinitely’. Because nothing says love like spending shedloads of money, eh?

Father’s Day 2018 is nearly here, which means you are potentially on the hunt for a gift. But what if they like tech and you are struggling for ideas? Fear not, for Recombu has to come to the rescue with a selection of particularly geek-friendly gifts. Because old dad deserves peace and quiet every now and then.

1) Samsung C27FG70 gaming monitor

Samsung curved gaming monitor

Gaming monitors have come a long way, as indicated by the Samsung C27FG70. The screen is 27 inches in size and curved, with a fast response rate of 1ms ensuring it is your reaction time (and the internet connection speed) that will govern who shoots first in online multiplayer.

It also features a 144MHz refresh rate and is said to offer realistic colours, thanks to Quantum Dot technology. A decent purchase if you want to enhance your gaming, although it could look a little more pleasant.

£169.99, Argos

2) StormForce Geo computer

StormForce Geo gaming computer with AMD Ryzen CPU and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

You will need deep pockets to the StormForce Geo to your dad, but you could share it. Besides, it will be worth every penny if they like PC gaming. Why? Because its AMD Ryzen 7 1800X processor, GeForce Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti graphics card, Asus X370 Pro motherboard, 32G of Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 RAM and 512GB SSD will run games up to a 4K level and let you enjoy VR gaming.

Buttery smooth gaming, in fact. The whole system looks decent, too, thanks to a see-through side panel although it will take up quite a lot of room in your, sorry, dad’s office. Brightly coloured fans included, obviously.

£1,899, Amazon UK

3) LaCie DJI Copilot

If your dad loves shooting RAW images and 4K video on your hols, then the LaCie DJI Copilot is going to be his new best buddy (besides yourself, of course). This chunky yet still pleasingly portable drive is a quick and easy way to offload all of those massive files, removing the need to lug around a laptop. Just plug your camera in or stick your SD memory card straight into a hidden slot and you can transfer your shots with a couple of taps.

A generous 2TB of storage space means you can keep on shooting all day long, safe in the knowledge that your files are securely backed up. The rugged design can withstand all kinds of punishment, so it’s suitable for proper off-roading too. And you can even recharge your smartphone in a pinch, if you find yourself well out in the wilderness.

Best of all, LaCie also offers direct access to those files via your smartphone and the handy app. So you can check out your footage even when your camera bites the dust.

£329, CVP Digital

4) Pure Highway 200 DAB car radio adapter

Pure Highway 200 DAB digital radio car adapter

Maybe your car lacks a DAB digital radio? Fear not, because the Pure Highway 200 is the answer. Simply ease it into the air vent of your car and then connect to it using a line-out cable or FM transmitter, with power provided by a cigarette socket.

You can also connect a smartphone or tablet using a 3.5mm audio input and stream music that way, or just program in up to 20 different stations and enjoy better quality music, not to mention a wider selection of radio stations.

£79.99, Amazon UK

5) Lofree QTV Bluetooth speaker

Lofree QTV Bluetooth Speaker with nostalgic design

Taking the budget down a few notches is the QTV Bluetooth Speaker, which is shaped like a retro television and is rather cute as a result. It is powered by an in-built battery that can be recharged using the supplied USB cable.

Functionality includes two alarms, telling the time and providing a louder sound than the speakers of your phone or tablet, thanks to a 40mm speaker. Lasts about five hours, according to the manufacturer, and weighs a rather hefty 470g despite being just 98mm wide, 70mm tall and 75mm deep. A potentially decent present if you will be seeing your dad after the day.


6) Fanatec CSL Elite McLaren GT3 steering wheel

McLaren steering wheel for Xbox One, PC and PS4-ready

Unleash your dad’s inner petrolhead the geeky way with the replica CSL Elite McLaren GT3 steering wheel from purveyor of high-end sim-racing equipment, Fanatec. Not only is it the lightest offering in the range, it looks fantastic too and the high-quality materials make it comfortable to hold when wrestling to keep your digital steed in a straight line.

Works with the more recent Fanatec offerings and is designed for the Xbox One and PC, but is also ‘PS4-ready’. Expensive, but oh so cool. Cool enough to please your dad, anyway.

€179.95, Fanatec

7) Roku Express / Roku Streaming Stick+

Television is a great form of escapism and escapism is something any dad will want from time to time. In that case, the Roku Express USB stick, complete with its ability to turn any USB-toting stupid television into a smart one, makes a lot of sense. With 4,000 plus streaming channels, including Netflix, iPlayer and Amazon Video, and a compact remote control, you get a lot for your 30 quid.

You can also pay £59 and get the Roku Streaming Stick+, which adds 4K support and a remote with volume and power on/off functionality. Because having to get up and switch the TV off is a hassle no dad wants.

£29, Amazon UK


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