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Predictions for Game of Thrones season 5: Who will be dead by the last episode?

Game of Thrones season 5 lands in the UK today. While those first four episodes have already leaked (thanks, Internet) here’s how we think events will play out throughout this season. 

These observations are based on what we’ve seen in the show so far and what we’ve been able to infer from IMDb listings. We’ve not watched any of the leaked episodes and so anything we post here will be spoiler-free in that regard.  

For our money, here’s a list of characters who we think will end up with their heads on spikes by the season’s end. 

Roose Bolton

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Ramsay’s capacity for deceit seems limitless. As we saw at the siege of Moat Cailin he’s unpredictable and capricious. Even those close to him aren’t safe. At the start of last season we saw him hunting down one of his bedwarmers just for fun.  

Being able to legitimately fly his father’s banners might be enough for now, but it might be that he fancies a rebuilt Winterfell for himself and begins plotting against daddy dearest, if he hasn’t already.  

If Ramsay doesn’t do Roose in, then Stannis could. The prickly Baratheon contender for the throne is current stationed at the Wall, with a huge host at his back. What’s to say he won’t march south and remove the Boltons from Winterfell? 

And if not him, then surely some disgruntled Northern lords, aware of Roose’s role in the Red Wedding, could be plotting to bring about Roose’s downfall… 

Theon Greyjoy

We also don’t fancy the chances of Theon Greyjoy – or whatever name he’s going by these days. Of all the characters in the show so far, it’s Theon who’s changed the most. No longer the cocksure, swaggering lord-in-waiting, he’s a shivering, shaking shadow of his former self. With no claim to his father’s throne (and just where is Balon Greyjoy anyway?) and no way to secure a legacy, he’s out of the game. How long can he cling on to what’s left of his life? 

His fate now rests in the hands of the Boltons and should they fall to Stannis (or someone else) Theon is likely to meet a sharp end. 

Now that ‘little Theon’ is gone, Melisandre won’t be able to repeat her trick with the leeches, so she could just toss him on the bonfire. Or, if Ramsay’s hypothetical treachery backfires, what’s to stop Roose from disposing of his bastard’s plaything? 

Jamie Lannister & Myrcella Baratheon

Game of Thrones season 5 trailer analysis From the season 5 trailer, we’re able to discern that Jamie is off to Dorne. The name Lannister is kryptonite to the Dornish folk, who’ve lost not only their beloved princess Elia Martell to Gregor Clegane (acting on Tywin Lannister’s orders) but their dashing prince Oberyn too. 

The trailers have revealed that there are three so-called ‘Sand Snakes’ – Oberyn’s baseborn kids – who are pretty handy with a large array of weapons. They’re also mightily pissed off that their dad is dead and they’re after some Lannister blood. 

The Jamie of old might have been able to take on all three at once without breaking a sweat – but with his sword hand gone, will he be as effective as a southpaw? 

All or any of the Sand Snakes

Despite Jamie being an underpowered fighter these days, it’s possible that should he cross swords with Tyene, Obara and/or Nymeria Sand, he’ll take at least one of them with him. 

We saw in the second series that, even when malnourished, handcuffed and chained up, he can still kill a man relatively easily. Had Locke not shown up in season three, it’s possible that Jamie could have beaten a fully armoured Brienne, even with both hands tied. 

In short, never underestimate the Kingslayer. That golden mitt he’s now sporting looks pretty heavy. Almost heavy enough to bash someone’s head in…

Tyrion Lannister

Like his brother, Tyrion is a survivor. While he’s certainly capable of killing and he’s seen his share of battles, he no seasoned fighter by any stretch. His glib tongue often gets him in trouble as much as it gets him out of tricky situations and removed from the trappings of the King’s Landing court, we get to see him out of his element. 

We’re led to believe that he’s on his way to meet up with Daenerys Targaryen in Mereen, but how likely is it that she’ll pardon a man from the Lannister family, who conspired to remove her family from the Iron Throne? Will Tyrion be able to talk his way out of getting turned into dragon food? That’s assuming he’ll survive the trip of course – the path to Mereen promises to make the Kingsroad look like the M25 by comparison. 

Tyrion is a lucky man, but everyone’s luck runs out eventually. 

Who do you think will live or die by the season’s end? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.


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