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How to sleep with Jeff Bridges (and set your own price)

There’s something about Jeff Bridges’ soothing tones and strokeably soft beard that would probably make him the ideal sleeping partner. Well, good news, as now you can curl up with him growling sweet nothings in your ear, thanks to the rather surreal ‘Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes’ album.

Get yourself over to and you can listen to the full album, which lasts around 40 minutes. The 15 tracks are a mixture of Jeff’s random musings, conversations with family members and even a spot of sinister poetry, all laced with dreamy music and sound effects.

To be honest, we’re not entirely sure if it would help us drift off, or keep us wide awake wondering what the bloody hell was going to happen next. We’re going to give it a try though and report back with our findings.

Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes can be bought in a variety of formats, including vinyl for $50 and even old-fashioned cassette for $20. Or if you’re feeling particularly plush, there’s a $200 limited edition gold vinyl with a ‘debossed gold lead pressed album cover’. You can also download a digital copy, which allows you to set your own price.

While you can of course download the album for free, we’d recommend chucking a few quid in, as 100% of the retail price goes to the No Kid Hungry charity.

If you’ve listened to Jeff Bridges’ album, let us know what you think in the comments below.


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