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Create your own custom NERF blaster with the ECS10

Finally you can effectively build your own Nerf gun with the Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS10 blaster, which boasts over 1000 possible configurations thanks to its various add-on packs.

The Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS10 in its vanilla form can be configured in more than 30 different ways, coming with a precision scope, stock, dual-rail barrel, drop-down grip, banana clip that stores 10 foam darts (included, and no doubt lost down the back of the radiator within five minutes) and six tactical rails for improved accuracy.

But the ECS10 also has four add-on packs which add various bits that clip onto the gun, for ridiculous customisation.

The Long Range kit adds a distance scope for all your sniping needs, as well as a folding bipod and an all-new elongated barrel so your darts fly true. Or if you’d rather rush head-long into battle, check out the Flip Clip which boosts the Modulus’ 24 dart limit to double that amount, giving you the ability to switch to a fresh clip as soon as your old one empties.

Of course, if you’re going to go all gung-ho, you might want to grab the Strike N Defend pack too. This includes a blaster stock to steady your shot and, more importantly, a blast shield to protect your mug from flying darts. Alternatively, try the stealthy approach with the Stealth Ops kit, which gives you a red dot sight attachment, as well as a Pivot Grip and Proximity Barrel.

The Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS10 blaster costs £59.99 and the add-on packs are £19.99 each – and here’s the lovely Georgie modelling the whole blooming lot, in a gorgeous and specially-crafted flight case.


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