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Wandrd PRVKE 21 backpack: The travelling photographer’s dream?

The Wandrd PRVKE 21 and 31 backpacks are designed to let photographers and gadget hoarders travel in style. Recombu takes a look at what makes them special, how much they cost and what features you get.

When it comes to travelling, one of the biggest fears is arriving at your destination with one of your gadgets damaged. Or, worse, lose something entirely and spend the start (and maybe the end) of your trip in a bad mood.

While the Wandrd PRVKE bag is unable to help with careless baggage handlers, it is designed to ensure everything – from your tablet and laptop to your expensive DSLR and favourite lenses – is protected in transit, thanks to various padded compartments and an over-engineered exterior.

Wandrd is no stranger to bags. At least two of its efforts have proved hugely successful at the Kickstarter funding stage, with the PRVKE 21 backpack earning itself a grand total of US$413,738 from 2,000 backers. It only needed US$20,000.

The Wandrd PRVKE 21 model builds on where the larger PRVKE 31 kicked off. While it loses out 10 litres of storage space to its older sibling (21 litres versus 31 litres, hence the name), it has gained a number of features and revisions that aim to make it better.

The camera compartment area where your DSLR or MILC lives, for starters, can be quickly accessed from the side, which makes it less likely you will miss a photo opportunity. There is also a compartment that sits against your back where you can put your passport, which is harder for thieves to get at.

Then there is the fleece-lined pocket area that will keep the screen of your tablet or smartphone devoid of scratches, while a handy set of straps lets you carry a tripod or picnic blanket just below the bag so there is no need to lose interior storage space.

Speaking of which, you can bump up the storage total to 25 litres by using the roll-out top, which is usually neatly hidden away by a combination of velcro patches and an adjustable buckle. Said opening mechanism is easy and intuitive to operate.

To combat the rain, all outside zips tuck into little water-resistant pockets and there is a waterproof cover that lives in the bottom pocket of the bag or you can let the durable exterior material do its thing if the weather is anything but a downpour.

While the PRVKE 31 can fit a lot more camera gear, you can still squeeze in the likes of a Sony A7RIII and at least two prime lenses or one heftier zoom within the PRVKE 21, in addition to a tablet, laptop and charging cables.

Clothing, a toothbrust and other non-tech essentials, meanwhile, can go in the upper compartment just in case you need to stay overnight.

The PRVKE 21 comes in black, Wasatch Green and Aegean Blue, all of which compliment to what is a nice, uncluttered design. Sadly, it costs a little extra for the photography cube accessory that provides the best level of protection for your camera, but then an extra US$39 is less than getting a lens repaired or replaced.

Prices start from US$184 for the PRVKE 21, rising to US$264 if you want absolutely every accessory as part of the ‘Photography Bundle’. Not exactly cheap, admittedly, but our test sample appears to be high quality and should last a long time. Unless you let a careless baggage handler near it, that is.

You can buy the Wandrd PRVKE 21 and 31, as well as other bags, from its own website located here. Worldwide shipping is available. Expect our full review in due course.


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