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Weekly roundup: New Apple tech, a 200mph miracle and Dark Souls hot wings

Our weekly roundup of the top news stories in the world of tech for the week beginning March 21st, 2016.

Apple launched the iPhone SE and a 9.7-inch iPad Pro

We kicked off the week with eyes trained on Cupertino as Apple CEO, Tim Cook and his colleagues took to the stage of the Town Hall (for the last time before the company moves into to its newly built Campus 2 next year), to meet with a pair of long-rumoured Apple devices.

Apple iPhone SE

First up was the iPhone SE – a visual doppelganger to the iPhone 5S of old, the SE essentially packs the majority of the internal hardware from the latest iPhone 6S, into a more compact device with a 4-inch display. It forgoes the pressure sensitive 3D Touch technology and comes with a lower resolution front-facing camera, but beyond that performance, courtesy of the company’s own A9 processor and imaging from its 12-megapixel rear sensor are comparable to the current Apple flagship. You can find out more about the iPhone SE here.

Apple iPad Pro 9.7-inch

The giant iPad Pro that we met last year also received a smaller sibling. The new 9.7-inch iPad Pro is scaled to match the existing iPad Air 2, but packs the company’s beefier A9X chipset, a display capable of supporting the Apple Pencil stylus and four corner-mounted external speakers. The new iPad Pro also heralded the arrival of a 256GB storage option for both it and its larger sibling.

The man who crashed at 200mph and walked away

No matter how many advancements in design and material science you take it account, crashing a high-performance Formula One car at 200mph is never going to be pretty. What has changed as technology has progressed is the driver’s chance of survival and that played out in Fernando Alonso’s favour after he was able to walk away from such a crash during the Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne Park on Sunday.

Alonso collided with Haas driver Esteban Gutirrez while trying to overtake during lap 18 of the 2016 Formula One season opener, sending him into the crash barrier at breakneck speeds.

Somehow the 34-year-old Spaniard managed to limp away from the crash. He said he was “lucky to be alive” and later posted on Instagram: “Time to take the plane and rest couple of days for a full recovery.” You can read the full story, right here.

Dark Souls 3 approaches: Acapella music, new trailers and hot wings

We’ve been hearing about the third instalment of Bandai Namco’s much loved Dark Souls series since the tail end of 2015 and the publisher has been teasing various goodies from the game in the run up to its April 12th launch.

The Prestige Edition for PS4 sold out after just two hours of availability and the rest of the assorted pre-order bundles have also sold out or remain in very limited supply. To drum up interest, Bandai Namco actually devised a few novel ways of promoting the title ahead of launch too.

Dark Souls Challenge hot wings MEATliquor
The chef preparing these wings is required to wear gogles and gloves for protection. No joke.

YouTuber and musician Smooth McGroove was given early access to the Dark Souls 3 soundtrack, which allowed him to create an acapella cover of the track ‘Premonition’ [above]. It’s pretty great, especially if you’re already a fan of his work.

The publisher has also teamed up with the MEATliquor restaurant chain to create the Dark Souls Wings Challenge, which Recombu’s very own Chris Barraclough will be partaking in on April 4th. Participants have to sign a waiver and don protective gloves before consuming the twenty hot wings covered in a special chilli sauce made especially for the challenge, which runs until April 29th.

The most recent tidbit is the new Accursed trailer, which gives us a closer look at the world – and the horrors, of Dark Souls 3. Dark Souls 3 launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 12th, 2016, with pre-order pricing at around £45.

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