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Angry wife lands husband with £51,000 in driving fines

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, which explains why an angry Saudi lady decided to land her husband with a whopping £51,000 in driving fines.

The husband was busy marrying a new woman in Saudi Arabia – where multiple wives are permitted – when the wife decided to take the car and unleash expensive revenge, racking up fines of 300,000 Saudi Riyals.

Achieving such a large bill involved the help of her brother, who drove the husband’s pick-up truck over a red light then reversed to do it again and again – each time causing the traffic camera to flash and capture the event.

Unfortunately for the wife, the plan had more holes than a colander. Being the husband’s second wedding night, there were plenty of people around to confirm he was, in fact, not in the car at the time of the fines. In addition, the revengeful driving was captured on a smartphone by a fellow motorist.

Based on the rock-solid evidence, the brother and sister could end up having to pay the hefty fine, which were picked up by the Saudi traffic monitoring system Sasher.

Female blogger Budoor was sympathetic of the wife’s actions: “Well done by the wife. He opted to distance himself from her, so it is only normal that she teaches him a lesson.”

If only the Saudi wife had opted to take a more calculated approach to her revenge.

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