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Video: How to turn road rage into road revenge

It seems there’s no point in wasting your energy on being annoyed at fellow motorists. Satirical website The Onion has released a video on how to channel road rage energy into ‘cold, calculating road revenge’.

The spoof interview shows two news presenters on the Today Now show interviewing Danny Preston, a ‘defensive driving instructor’ who is there to talk about dealing with drivers who get on your nerves.

He explains the trick is to ‘execute long-term psychological torment on aggressive drivers’ by using a number of increasingly ridiculous methods: “Take a deep breath, count to 10 then – follow the other driver home.” 

“Once you know where he lives you can sneak into his house every couple of weeks, rearrange a bunch of things – something that says you’re out there and unpredictable,” Preston adds.

He then goes on to talk about empathy and recounts how he dealt with another angry driver: “I remembered he is human, like me, he has a family that loves him and that’s an exploitable weakness.”

Look beyond The Onion poking fun at road rage and there is some useful information in there, such as “anger is just one letter away from danger” and to “stay calm”. But mainly it’s just a hilarious take on a serious subject.

The video ends on a plot twist so we’ll let you watch it right through. After that, check out 12 examples of people who, perhaps unwisely, decided against revenge.

How to channel your road rage into cold, calculating road revenge



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