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Aston Martin recalls 17,590 cars over Chinese counterfeit part

Counterfeit part to blame for major Aston Martin recall.

British luxury car maker Aston Martin has announced a recall of 17,590 cars after discovering a Chinese sub-supplier was allegedly using a counterfeit plastic material used in the accelerator pedal, it has emerged.

All left-hand-drive cars built since 2007 and all right-hand-drive cars built since 2012 are being recalled ─ about 75 per cent of all cars built in that period, according to an Aston Martin spokesperson. 1,553 UK cars have been affected. All models except the Vanquish Coupe and Volante are included in the recall.

Aston Martin said Chinese sub-contractor Shenzhen Keixang Mould Tool Company Limited was using a counterfeit ‘DuPont’ plastic material, which had been supplied by the Synthetic Plastic Raw Material Company Limited of Dongguan, according to documents filed with the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The documents said the chance the accelerator may break increases the risk of a crash because the driver would be unable to increase or maintain speed. Aston Martin said it knew of 22 failed parts and zero accidents or injuries related to the issue.

“Customer safety is very important and to change the pedal takes less than an hour, so take the car and get it replaced is what we’re saying,” an Aston Martin spokesman commented. “It’s very important to say that there have not been any incidents or accidents.”

Aston Martin, which is based in Warwickshire in the UK, said it would now produce the pedal arm on home soil as soon as possible. to avoid further incidents of this nature.

If you think your car is affected, we would urge you get on the phone to Aston Martin to get it rectified, assuming the company is yet to get in touch. The repair time is said to be minimal and you may even get a free coffee.


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