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Audi TT offroad concept offers glimpse of a future model

Audi TT offroad concept can do 148.6mpg, 0 to 62mph in 5.2 seconds and has a built-in remote control car.

Audi has just revealed its compact SUV TT at the Beijing motor show, a concept that combines the sporty styling of a TT with oodles of ground clearance, short overhangs and e-tron quattro all-wheel drive for tackling difficult-(ish) terrain.

Audi built the TT four-door offroad concept so that it could offer “a glimpse of how we might imagine a new model in a future TT family,” to quote Audi technical development bigwig Professor Dr Ulrich Hackenberg.

The TT offroad concept develops a healthy 408PS (402bhp) and an even healthier 650Nm (479.2lb/ft) of torque from a hybrid powertrain, of which the majority comes from a 292PS (288bhp) 2.0-litre TFSI petrol engine with 380Nm of torque (280.3lb/ft). The remainder is generated by an electric motor integrated into the six-speed e-S tronic transmission.

A mixture of electric and petrol gives the Audi TT offroad concept a set of impressive figures. 0 to 62mph takes as little as 5.2 seconds, the top speed is 155mph and if you drive carefully you could, in theory, get as much as 148.6 miles to the gallon while spouting a measly 45g/km of CO2 emissions. A 12kWh battery provides 31 miles of driving on electric alone.

Audi has built Wireless Charging technology into the car, which means you can park the TT offroad concept on a specially designed parking spot and it will recharge, saving you the hardship that is connecting to a charging point. Charging time is said to be the same as a cable.

Three driving modes offer varying levels of performance and eco-efficiency. EV mode prioritises the electric motor and sets the maximum speed to 80mph. Hybrid mode offers a strong mix of performance and efficiency. Sport mode gives you full power.

Chunky tyres, 21-inch alloys and a McPherson front suspension arm help soak up the lumps and bumps. If you stick your boot down and the road is slippery, the hybrid system sends power to all wheels for maximum traction.

Two ‘almost’ production ready driver assistance systems feature. Junction assistant is designed to help avoid side-impact collisions in situations such as where lanes merge and, yes, at junctions. A mixture of radar sensors and a wide-angle camera scans around the front and sides of the car. Graduated warnings are given if the system detects a vehicle that could pose a problem.

Online traffic light information, which we first saw at CES 2013, connects the Audi TT offroad concept to the central traffic computer of an area. This connection allows the vehicle to work out the speed you need to drive to get through traffic lights without having to stop. Or, if already waiting, a countdown in your car shows you how long you have before you can proceed.

The TT offroad concept, like the Audi TT road car, can accommodate four people. There is, however, enough space to ‘accommodate two adults comfortably’ in the former so no more having to lose all feeling in your legs if you draw the short straw.

Technology aplenty can be found in the concept. A 12.3-inch TFT screen capable of displaying 3D graphics acts as a digital instrument display. Here you can check your speed, battery level and also infotainment options such as navigation or online traffic information.

Three Audi Smart Displays can also be found in the cockpit – each one capable of being used inside and outside the car. The Android operating system is used, which means you have access to the Google Chrome web browser and Google Play app store. Useful when you know the Audi TT offroad concept has a built in 4G (LTE) hotspot and your camping trip has been rained out.

Other interesting extras include a Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System installed in the head restraints of each seat and a custom designed box that houses a 1:8-scale remote control car. No, really.

The Audi TT offroad concept comes at a time when compact crossover SUVs are all the rage. There’s the Lexus NX, Mercedes-Benz Concept Coupé SUV, Range Rover Evoque, BMW X4 ─ we could go on. We’re not yet entirely sold on the premise, but choice is rarely a bad thing.

Audi is yet to give the model a production release date, so all we can do is marvel at the pictures below.

Audi TT offroad concept pictures


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