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Cab driver banned after he is caught speeding 7 times in 8 days

A taxi driver has been banned from driving for six months and given 21 penalty points after being caught speeding seven times in eight days. The idiot.

A taxi driver from Hampshire has received a six-month ban after being caught speeding seven times in just over a week. Hashim Hammad, 41, was caught doing between 46mph and 53mph through road works on the M275 in Portsmouth in his Fiat Stilo Hackney Carriage. The road works had a temporary 40mph limit in place.

After being caught, Mr Hammad tried to escape prosecution by claiming someone else was driving. But he was caught out when a police investigation revealed that the person he’d named as the driver wasn’t licensed to drive the taxi. 

Mr Hammad had another go at trying to run from the law by returning a court summons that was issued to him with the words “does not live here” written on it. He later admitted he had lied in a subsequent police interview. Giles Fletcher, prosecuting, said: “[Mr Hammad] said he was worried he would lose his licence, and this would affect his wife and four children. He admitted he lied. He said he couldn’t help himself but he did apologise for the problems he caused.” 

Mr Hammad has no previous convictions and he claimed he did not know what the average speed cameras were in place for. But Stephen Waller, chairman of the bench, said: “You are a professional driver. You are required by law to know the rules.”

Mr Hammad has been banned from driving, fined £280, and has had his licence endorsed with 21 penalty points. He has also been ordered to pay costs of £65 and a £28 victim surcharge. 

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