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‘Carguments’ increase in winter as stress levels rise

Arguments in the car between drivers and their passengers more likely in the winter, study suggests. 

Drivers have the most ‘carguments’ (arguments in the car) with their passengers in the winter, according to new research carried out by the RAC. The survey, which looked at 1,300 drivers, found 54 per cent of motorists admit they have more arguments with their passengers in the winter, while 15 per cent of drivers and passengers said they argue more in the car than anywhere else. 

Drivers are most often likely to argue with their partners, followed by their children and then parents. RAC spokesman Simon Williams commented: “In the winter, where journeys can be delayed or take longer as a result of having to defrost windscreens or take alternative routes, it can be particularly stressful.”

Indeed, the survey showed that arguing over the best route to take on a journey affected 13 per cent of drivers. Trying to stop children fighting affected 6 per cent. 

Mr Williams added: “Many ‘arguments’ actually begin well before getting into the car and just get worse as a result of being in a confined space together. If you can allow more time to get everything and everyone organised before your journey you will no doubt reduce the stress level which then eases the pressure on your drive.”

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