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Couple asks Lewis Hamilton for photo… of their family

Formula One two-time world champion Lewis Hamilton receives a huge amount of media attention, but it seems there are still people out there who are unaware of his fame.

The 30-year-old Brit was walking beneath the Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia when a family asked for a photo. But instead of posing with the champion, as you would expect, they asked for one of them and their baby in front of the Sydney Opera House.

Hamilton is said to have spoken for a couple of minutes before taking the picture, throughout which the tourists seemed oblivious to his celebrity. Or perhaps they were just immune to being star-struck? Whatever the reason, Hamilton was more than happy to oblige.

Just 11 cars finished in the opening Melbourne GP race of the 2015 season, with first place going to defending champion Hamilton, second place to Nico Rosberg and third to Sebastian Vettel.

Hamilton stuck around after the victory to enjoy some time on a luxury yacht. In an Instagram post to his 1.1 million followers, he said: “After a long day of media yesterday, sailing in Sydney with friends was a great way to end the day! Sydney is such a beautiful city. Can’t wait to come back next year.”

The next Formula One race of the season will be in Malaysia on the 29th of March.


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