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Driver who claimed seatbelt ‘hurt her breasts’ escapes fine

A driver managed to dodge a £500 fine for not wearing her seatbelt after claiming it ‘hurt her breasts’. 

A female driver refused to wear her seatbelt correctly because it was hurting her breasts. Despite breaking the law, she managed to swerve a £500 fine.

The woman was spotted not wearing her seatbelt correctly by a Lincolnshire Road Policing Unit while driving her vehicle in Grantham, Lincolnshire. When asked by police why the seatbelt was simply tucked under her arm, she replied: “Because it hurts my boobs.”

The officers chose not to fine the driver. Instead they gave her a few words of advice before tweeting about the incident: “Female driver stopped in Grantham wearing her seatbelt under arm. Advice given, she replied ‘it hurts my boobs’ I’ve heard it all now.” 

The Lincolnshire Roads Policing Unit then tweeted again: “It is classed as not wearing a seatbelt if not worn correctly. Also it could cause more injury.” 

Some Twitter users agreed with the women’s predicament, with one user tweeting: “They really do sometimes. But then, I suspect going through a windscreen hurts more.”

Twitter user Beth Quinton also responded to the tweet: “I thought this sort of thing only worked in the movies. Fair play to her, the officers must have fell for her charms. To be honest us girls would all try that if we were in a similar position.”

We wonder whether this would work for a male driver and his moobs? Share your thoughts on the story by posting a comment below. 


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