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Gymkhana 7 to feature Ken Block in a 60s Ford Mustang?

Forget your modern-day, highly modified Ford Fiesta ST. A video has surfaced on the internet of Ken Block driving a 60s Ford Mustang like it was a scene from the 70s Steve McQueen classic Bullitt.

Card and Driver Magazine caught the footage in downtown Los Angeles and posted it on YouTube. It shows Block doing what he does best – shredding tyres – as part of Gymkhana 7, the forthcoming outing for the popular drifting series.

Details are scarce but we know the 60s Mustang is potentially just as modified as his usual Fiesta ST rally machine. There’s an RTR sticker on the side, indicating fellow drift master Vaugh Gittin Jr of the Mustang tuning company has been near it. That explains the all-wheel drive, then. 

The video is pretty short but it serves as a nice appetite cleanser while we wait for the finished article. In the meantime, check out Gymkhana 6 and the rest of the series if you like watching Block burning rubber. Or some of the amazing remakes.


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