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Jaguar F-Pace review: An effing good motor

The Jaguar F-Pace sports utility vehicle has arrived. That new bloke from Top Gear jetted off to Montenegro to put it through its ‘paces’. Get it? Oh, nevermind.

When Jaguar said it was making a sports utility vehicle crossover thing, it came as no surprise. Considering the number of petrolheads with deep pockets and families, it makes the utmost sense for there to be something out there other than the Range Rover Sport.

The C-X17 concept car came and went and brought with it a positive reception. It was all going fabulously until it was officially revealed ─ and given a laughably bad name. The internet laughed, we laughed and then we hoped only the name would be rubbish.

Luckily for us (and Jaguar, of course), it’s so good the name has grown on us to the point where we no longer view it as a marketing faux pas. The V6 S engine borrowed from the F-Type delivers more than ample performance, including a 0-62mph sprint of five seconds.

It may lack the same sound as its sportier cousin, but then those who want to transport the family from A to B would rather their offspring stay asleep as long as possible, making fewer pops and bangs from the exhaust a good thing.

Then there’s the styling, which is excellent. For an SUV, anyway. The front-end has the bite and presence of the XE S and XF S, even when blown up and lifted off the ground a bit to help the F-Pace take on more difficult terrain.

Perhaps best of all, the all-wheel drive system is rear-wheel biased so you could drift it around a roundabout, much to the delight of your children and the terror of your other half.

The real beauty of the F-Pace is that Jaguar has put the fun of cars like the F-Type and the utterly brilliant XE S into something more practical. It’s fast, fun and, if you can ignore the lack of an F-Type-esque interior, fancy-looking. And surely that’s the effing point of an SUV?

Sit back, crank up the volume, switch to 1080p and watch Rory Reid‘s full review. Then be sure to subscribe to the Recombu Cars YouTube because, well, we would greatly appreciate it.

Video: Jaguar F-Pace review


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