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Jaguar to produce ‘missing’ 1960s Lightweight E-type

Lightweight Jaguar E-type race car to be built with the original 1963 specification as part of ‘re-creation’ project.

Jaguar has announced plans to build six ‘Lightweight’ E-types as part of its first ever ‘re-creation’ project. Six of the race-bred machines will be made to the exact specification of the original 1963 car and will debut in the summer.

Just 12 all-aluminium Jaguar Lightweight E-types were built of what was meant to be an 18-car series. Production began in 1963 and ended in 1964. The plan is to build the ‘missing’ six as perfect reproductions.

Each car will be hand-crafted in-house by talented Jaguar craftsmen exactly as the 1963 original cars dictate, down to the potent 3.8-litre XK straight-six engine, aluminium hardtop and ‘S’ prefix in the chassis number. Customers will, however, be able to add a few creature comforts to make the car more liveable.

The Jaguar Lightweight E-type was built with GT racing in mind. It weighed 114kg less than a standard E-type, owing to an aluminium body and engine block, lack of interior trim and even hand-operated windows to save the need for weighty electric motors.

Just 11 examples of the original Lightweight E-type are believed to exist. Graham Hill and Jackie Stewart were some of the famous names to drive them back in the 1960s. Around 72,500 standard E-types were built between 1961 and 1975.

A number of modern-day E-type wannabes exist such as the magnificent Eagle Speedster and the Lyonheart K (formerly known as the Growler E-type).

Ferrari legend Enzo Ferrari once said the Jaguar E-type was the most beautiful car ever made, so you can understand why the desirability is unrivalled. It is, therefore, unlikely you are going to get your hands on one ─ no matter how deep your pockets are. ‘Established Jaguar collectors’ will be prioritised.

Expect more details to be announced as we head to the summer debut. Until then, enjoy the initial teaser images below.

Jaguar Lightweight E-type reproduction pictures


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