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Koenigsegg teases world with first official Agera One: 1 image

First official image of the 1,340hp, 1,340kg Agera One: 1 revealed.

If we were a Bugatti Veyron, we would sleep with one eye open. Koenigsegg has unveiled the first official image of the Agera One: 1, a car that has the Veyron Super Sport and its 258mph world speed record locked in its sights.

The Agera One: 1 is based on the already rapid Agera R. In case you hadn’t put two and two together, the ‘One: 1’ name refers to 1hp for every 1kg of weight. A whopping 1,340hp (1,322bhp) and a kerb weight of 1,340kg give the Agera a power to weight ratio of 1,000hp per tonne.

When you consider the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport ‘only’ manages 635hp per tonne, you can understand why the Koenigsegg Agera One: 1 should be fast. Like time-reversing, “I think I need to change my underpants” fast.

Somehow Koenigsegg has coaxed an additional 200hp out of the Agera R’s 5.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8, which will come in handy because the Agera One produces a mind-bending 600kg of downforce (virtually the same as the McLaren P1), no doubt largely thanks to that gigantic spoiler.

Other details of the Agera One: 1 are scarce, which means we will have to wait patiently for its Geneva Motor Show 2014 debut to find out a price and exact performance figures.

Just how well will Koenigsegg’s brute force approach to the Agera One: 1 stack up against a new breed of hybrid supercar such as the McLaren P1, Ferrari La Ferrari and Porsche 918 Spyder? We’re keen to find out.


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