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Mans beats himself up to avoid breath test, then admits guilt

A man has injured himself deliberately to avoid being breathalysed.

A driver almost escaped penalty for drinking and driving by beating himself up before a breath test could be administered. Stuart Andrews punched himself in the face and threw himself against the walls of his police station cell after officers arrested him on suspicion of drink-driving. The 26-year-old injured himself so badly, officers were unable to take a second reading at the station, as is procedure.

Driver beat himself up to avoid his second breath test
Driver beat himself up to avoid his second breath test

Andrews later admitted that he had been drinking alcohol, blaming an upsetting text message from an ex-girlfriend. He also admitted he had deliberately refused to give a sample breath test. As a result, the court banned Andrews from driving for three years and handed him a supervision order.

Procedure requires police to take a sample breath test at the roadside with a hand-held machine. If the suspect blows a positive reading that is over the legal limit, a second test is carried out at the police station using a more accurate machine.

Often the second reading can show negative results if the driver hasn’t eaten properly or was only just over the limit with the first reading. The difference in time can affect the reading significantly.

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