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Need for Speed trailer parody features cats in RC cars

The only thing more popular than Aaron Paul? Cats in remote control cars, that’s what.

The internet may seem complicated, but really the equation is very simple. Either add the Benny Hill soundtrack or cats to a video and, bam, a viral sensation is guaranteed. Cashing in on the latter tactic is The Pet Collective’s Need for Speed trailer recreation.

The video, which is called Knead fur Speed, is a parody of the Need for Speed film starring Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul. It features cats driving remote control cars, explosions, high-speed chases and even a cat wearing aviator sunglasses.

So far the video has only reached nearly 18,000 views since it was uploaded on March 11th, which makes it relatively puny in the face of most viral classics. But The Pet Collective’s 292,458 subscribers will no doubt help it hit the big time.

The Pet Collective, for the uninitiated, is a YouTube channel that is “the best destination on the Internet for pet lovers”. “We celebrate their awesomeness every single day,” its YouTube description reads.

Although The Pet Collective has done a fine job with Cats Driving RC Cars, it faces stiff competition in the face of Subaru WRX STI vs StickBomb and HPI Racing UK’s Gymkhana 6 remake. Still, one underestimates pet videos at their peril.

Anyway that’s enough ‘paws’ for thought. Make it look like you’re working and watch the video below.

Need for Speed Trailer ─ Cats Driving RC Cars


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