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Russian dash cam captures bear being hit by car

Dash cams capture all manner of miraculous, scarcely believable footage, from planes falling out of the sky, to motorcyclists taking electric saws to innocent hatchbacks, to bus drivers repeatedly ramming into errant motorists.

So when this Russian bear attempted to cross a road, he probably should have checked whether any approaching cars had cameras fitted, as that’s always a pretty good sign he should turn the hell around and make a hasty retreat.

Why did the bear cross the road? We're not sure, but we bet he wishes he hadn't.
Why did the bear cross the road? We’re not sure, but we bet he wishes he hadn’t.

Thankfully, for our amusement, the bear did no such thing. Instead, the unfortunate ursidae ran straight across the road, at some speed, and collided head first with car. The impact makes the sort of sickening thud you’d expect to result in an animal fatality, but having somersaulted across the tarmac, the young bear simply picks itself up and scampers off, leaving the driver with a damaged motor.

There’s very little else to say about this, apart from the fact we have a newfound respect for bears. We wouldn’t have done anything to upset one prior to this, and we definitely won’t be doing so now — especially now we know they’re harder than metal.


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