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The briefcase that transforms into an electric scooter

Is the Green Energy Motors electric scooter prototype the ultimate commuter tool? We think we could build a case for it…

Briefcases usually conjure up thoughts of offices and paperwork. Not this particular one, though. The Green Energy Motors ‘Commuter Case’ transforms from an object of business into an electric scooter before anyone can say, “aren’t you too old for that?”.

The idea is that, rather than walk everywhere, you can carry the Commuter Case on the train or bus and then turn it into the all-electric scooter for the rest of the journey. There’s no need to worry about parking as you can plonk the case under your desk.

A top speed of 20km/h (12.5mph) is enough to make walking seem impractical (think about a mile in five minutes instead of 20 minutes at walking speed).  An accelerator on the handlebars takes care of slowing down and speeding up, while a lever on the handle deals with braking much like a bicycle.

Green Energy Motors is keen to point out the efficiency. 10 cents, it claims, is how much it costs to travel 25 miles as opposed to US3.35 to do the same in a car. All it costs is between five minutes and one hour of electricity, depending on how flat the batteries are. The range is said to be 25 miles ─ or for however long you can push it along like an ordinary scooter.

The Commuter Case can actually store items inside like a laptop, documents and lunchbox, which only adds to the convenience. A panel on the front opens downwards to reveal a compartment. At 27lbs in weight, it can be carried without needing muscles like the Incredible Hulk.

Usefully, the scooter’s handlebars double up as a long handle so you can easily make wheel the case along when filled with heavy items. While there is no stylish vintage leather option (not yet, at least), the Commuter Case comes in a few fetching colours including green, blue, pink and grey. At least nobody will miss you, hey?

Commuter Case is classed as a personal mobility vehicle in the US so you can use it legally without licence plates. In the UK we imagine it would be okay to use on the pavement. Most people will mistake it for a toy anyway.

Green Energy Motors is looking to raise funds to take the Commuter Case to production. You can help the company achieve its goal by slapping down US$5,990 (£3,500) for a pre-order. That’s a bit more than the JD Bug scooter toy you had as a kid, but think of the fuel you could save.

Competitors of the Commuter Case include the Toyota Winglet, SBU V3 unicycle (not a joke) and Zero Scooter.

Commuter Case video


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