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This dancing pedestrian signal wants to help you cross the road

If you think road signals are boring, you may want to move to Lisbon. Car manufacturer Smart and advertising agency BBDO Germany have come up with their unique take on how a pedestrian crossing should be done.

A temporary installation was setup in the Portuguese city that shows the usually static crossing man strutting his moves as part of a plan to ensure pedestrians notice when it is unsafe to cross the road.

A booth in the shape of the pedestrian crossing signal was used to capture members of the public dancing. Motion capture technology translated the dancing into an animation updated in real-time. Screens outside the booth were used to show how pedestrians reacted to the action.

“Nobody likes to wait,” Mercedes-Benz, owner of Smart, said in the promotional video. “That makes traffic lights the most dangerous spots for pedestrians in the city. But what if we made waiting more entertaining?”

Mercedes performed the stunt to highlight the launch of its Smart new fortwo and Smart forfour city cars, both of which will go on sale in November 2014 in the UK. A price is yet to be announced for either model.

Call us old fashioned but not being hit by a large metal object travelling at speed was always incentive enough to obey a signal. But don’t let our cynical assessment detract from what is an entertaining video.

The Dancing Traffic Light video


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