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This is what a 2,400hp twin-turbo Corvette goes and sounds like

When it comes to horsepower, hypercars like the Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1 provide it in spades. But not everyone is content with a mere 1,000 ponies under the bonnet.

The following Corvette is, in fact, more than 2.4 times as powerful than the P1, thanks to a heavily tuned engine that produces a staggering 2,400hp. Two gigantic turbochargers seen poking out of the bonnet no doubt play a large role in such a high output. We doubt one part of that engine is stock.

The video posted by YouTube channel ScorchTV shows the car speeding off along various motorways, with the driver able to contain the power on tap. That is, until slightly later in the video when the rear tyres decide enough is enough and the back end slides out dangerously.

Luckily for the Corvette and its driver, the road is clear and he is able to control the tail end without ending up backwards facing out of a hedge. It’s a lucky escape and a reminder that cars car and will sometimes try to kill you. Unless you own a G-Whizz.

The Corvette and many others just as bonkers were on display at the TX2K15 event in the US, which is a gathering of the ultimate street cars. Think drag racing, dynos to verify horsepower claims and¬†girls wearing skimpy clothing. Okay, so we’re not sure about the last one.

Video goodness of an insane V8 and its fire-breathing engine awaits. Why are you still here?

2,400hp Twin Turbo Corvette at TX2K15


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