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Video: Baby towed around by remote control car

Dads and mums keen to get the fruit of their loins into cars should take note of the following video, which shows a baby getting a very early taste of driving.

The YouTube video posted by Alexis503 shows a baby in a buggy being towed by an electric remote control car on a patio driveway, with the dad in control as the four-wheeled toy effortlessly pulls the future petrolhead along.

It is unclear whether the baby is unimpressed, bemused or simply thinking about food because he or she seems to show zero emotion while being driven around the patio driveway. In fact, sucking his thumb seems to take precedent.

That is unlike the father, however, who can be heard chuckling away as he steers his baby in circles, keeping it steady for the most part but having one burst of speed at the end, presumably to check the baby was still awake.

It’s a short video but it’s both amusing and cute so you should take 22 seconds out of your day to watch it and then try to resist recreating it for yourself.

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