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Video: The best concept cars of 2015

We bloody love concept cars. Ben Griffin rounds-up five Recombu Cars favourites in video form for you to enjoy. You’re welcome.

Another year, another veritable selection of concept cars that probably will never reach production in quite the same form. But that doesn’t stop them from being awesome.

Whittling down to just a handful was difficult, but we had to mention Peugeot’s bonkers all-electric Fractal, which wowed us with its incredible infotainment system, futuristic looks, 3D-printed interior and the fact we were one of just five journalists allowed to go in it.

Then there was the Nissan IDS, which sees a future where self-driving cars try to make driving fun, not take over the job completely, and Citroen’s quirky, beach-loving Cactus M ─ the closest thing to a dune buggy all year.

Let’s also not forget the BMW M4 GTS, a track-focussed version of the ridiculously fast M4 with a table-like rear spoiler and oodles of carbon fibre, and Audi’s 591bhp TT clubsport.

Oh, and that gorgeous Mini Superleggera, which will hit production in 2018 if all goes to plan. We. Cannot. Wait.

That’s it from us for video in 2015 so be sure to subscribe to the Recombu Cars YouTube channel for more from the team in 2016. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, folks.

The best concept cars of 2015 video


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