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Want to see a man wakeboarding behind a Ferrari F50?

Some of us are content just watching television and going shopping. Others, like wakeboarding champion Jorge Gill, prefer the thrill of dangerous stunts.

Case in point: The 19-year-old watersport pro was videoed wakeboarding along the Maud Foster Drain in Lincolnshire. Rather than be dragged along by a speed boat, Hill opted for a bright yellow £1million, 200mph Ferrari F50 supercar to do the job.

The Ferrari allegedly reaches 84mph on a country road while dragging Gill along in the nearby ditch, which has lead to reports of potential police action being taken.

Gill said of the stunt: “I was on a mini-bus in Portugal when the idea came to me as a supercar flew past the bus and next to it was a river. The idea clicked, combining a supercar with wakeboarding seemed very unique to me. 

“I was a little nervous beforehand. Normally I do around 20mph but for this I was going a lot faster. We had a few warm ups at lower speed and it was a bit scary when you hear the Ferrari’s engine. It is dangerous, but you have to forget about the dangerous side until afterwards.”

Petrolhead collective ‘TaxTheRich’ uploaded the video. Previous efforts from the YouTube channel include rallying a Ferrari Enzo around a British farm and doing doughnuts in a Rolls Royce. Gill’s last video involved wakeboarding in a flooded car park in Guildford.

Gill has two European and five national wakeboarding champion titles to his name. Keep on scrolling to check out the dangerous stunt in all of its brilliance.

Jorge Gill wakeboarding behind a Ferrari F50


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