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Watch Ken Block drift around a desert

Gymkhana drift king Ken Block is the star of a new video that sees him driving like a lunatic in a desert setting. Because why not.

The video titled ‘Drifting In and Out of Control’ was shot by an American photographer and shows Block doing what he does best – plenty of sideways action in the Utah desert, a vast expanse of sand that is said to enjoy fewer than 10 inches of rainfall per year.

Unlike most offerings from Block, which are usually distributed via his The Hoonigans YouTube channel, this is a relatively peaceful affair, with classical music providing a soothing accompaniment to some rather impressive shots of the car and surrounding terrain.

Some of you may find the vide’s pace a bit off-putting, especially if you are a fan of his more typical urban, tyre-shredding sessions. But there’s something strangely captivating about watching a high-powered rally car in slow-motion.

Anyway keep scrolling down and judge for yourself, folks.

Ken Block desert drifting video


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